BASIS PROMPT celebrates 20 years of raising professional standards in the pest control industry

    BASIS PROMPT celebrates 20 years of raising professional standards in the pest control industry

    Staff and committee members raised a glass to two decades of success when they came together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the professional CPD register BASIS PROMPT.

    The register, which currently boasts more than 5,000 members, was set up in 2000 to give pest technicians working across the industry independent proof that they have received proper training and are continuing to update their expertise.

    BASIS PROMPT works with training providers to allocate CPD points to individual courses and gives its members an up-to-date record of the points that they have collected throughout the year.

    A non-profit-making organisation, PROMPT is operated and administered by BASIS, the UK’s foremost authority in training, certification, auditing and standard-setting in the pesticide and fertiliser sectors, as well as industrial, public health and food production.

    It is supported by a host of industry and Government-backed organisations and three
    founder committee members, Dr Richard Burton from the Royal Society for Public Health, David Oldbury from Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and Iain Uruquart, who represents medium and small pest control businesses, are still involved.

    Stephen Jacob, CEO of BASIS PROMPT, said: “Our register was formed as part of an industry-wide commitment to raising standards within the pest control industry and, 20 years later, we are as committed to that aim as ever.

    “We are very proud of what we have achieved alongside our members and supporters, who have wholeheartedly engaged with our belief in continuing professional development as the best way for the industry to improve.

    “It is vital for the health of the pest control sector that technicians continue to invest in ongoing training rather than resting on their laurels once they have gained their initial qualification. By doing so, they will ensure they keep pace with the latest changes in technology, good practice and classifications in an industry that never stands still.”

    One of the founder members of BASIS PROMPT was Richard Strand, the former BPCA Executive Director, who said it was set up to encourage the industry to invest in CPD.

    He said: “It’s extremely pleasing to see that the scheme is still going strong 20 years after we established it.”

    “The scheme took some time to get going because we had to win over many people in the industry, but the BPCA were fully behind it and BASIS had a good track record of running a similar scheme in the agriculture sector, which meant it had strong foundations.”

    “There are many changes currently taking place in the industry, not least the pressure on the use of pesticides, so I think there will be a requirement for CPD in the foreseeable future.”

    Last year BASIS PROMPT was recognised as the chosen CPD scheme by the NPTA, which made membership of a professional register a condition of joining the NPTA.

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