Croydon Firm Tackles Rising Pest Problems with Support from HSBC UK

    Pest control company Cleankill has received a £450,000 loan from HSBC UK through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS). The loan has enabled the Croydon company to protect 44 local jobs and adapt its business model to focus on domestic pest control due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Headquartered in Croydon, the 25-year-old company services the whole of the country and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading private pest control companies. The six-figure funding from HSBC UK allowed Cleankill to increase its marketing activity in the property management market, an area that the company identified would have an urgent need for pest control services when lockdown eased. The company also recognised these companies would be moving away from expensive national suppliers to regional companies as they looked to be more economic following the crisis.

    The support from HSBC UK also helped to cover business costs and enabled the company to continue hiring and paying staff during the pandemic. Cleankill has also improved and increased internal communications by providing tablets to employees as they work to become completely paperless.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, pest control has been deemed as an essential service so Cleankill has prioritised domestic pest control as cases increased due to the public being at home more. According to the British Pest Control Association, there was a 51 per cent increase in rat activity and 41 per cent increase in mouse activity during April 2020.

    As offices and the hospitality sector begin to reopen across the UK, HSBC UK’s loan will also help Cleankill in supporting commercial clients, making sure their spaces are clean and safe for customers.

    Paul Bates, Managing Director of Cleankill said: “The slowing of our work in the commercial sector due to COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our earnings and growth so we anticipate that the next few months will be challenging. The funding from HSBC UK puts Cleankill in a position to be able to support staff and upweight our domestic pest control and internal communications during the pandemic. It means we can survive throughout these difficult times and can continue to grow in the future.”

    David Hamblin, Area Director for Business Banking in South London, HSBC UK, commented: “Cleankill is a long-standing, multi award-winning Croydon business and has had great success over the years. The company has adapted quickly throughout the pandemic, continuing to help the public while many of us remain at home. The loan ensures the company can navigate the next few months and continue to support both commercial and residential clients.”

    HSBC UK is working closely with the Government and UK Finance to identify emerging issues and make sure customers and businesses have the advice and support they need. For tips and advice for businesses around planning for any possible disruption, visit HERE.

    HSBC UK has already announced the following measures for its business customers:

    • Launched BBLS, CBILS, CLBILS and CCFF
    • Allocated £5bn to help businesses that need support
    • Removed the £100 Small Business Loan fee to relieve the pressure faced by SMEs across the country
    • Removed informal overdraft fees – As of 1st April we will no longer apply any Informal Overdraft fees
    • Offering repayment holidays to free up cash within businesses
    • Stopped all unauthorised overdraft charges
    • Reviewing overdrafts or trade loans to allow stock to be held for longer
    • Offering companies involved in the supply and manufacture of ventilators preferential pricing, extended repayment terms on loans and fast track approval times to support the unprecedented demand on UK hospitals.
    • We have also extended that support to customers that can give immediate help to essential public services and vulnerable people. We are contacting clients involved in the manufacture and supply of Personal Protective Equipment to offer preferential finance and, where possible, the direct purchase of supplies and equipment for essential public services.
    • We will also offer similar terms to clients involved in the wholesale of food.
    • Our relationship managers have been proactively contacting customers to see what help their businesses need.
    • We’ve launched a coronavirus helpline to support any customer queries and a dedicated coronavirus hub on our website.
    • For businesses trading internationally:
        • £3bn to importers and exporters that need additional support
        • pre-approved 60-day extensions on trade loans for customers with a sound trade loan/financing record
        • a one-hour turnaround on the issuance of Shipping Guarantees, enabling customers to transfer or receive goods from their counterparty faster
        • a dedicated helpline that connects directly with trade finance specialists (0800 783 1300, open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday), in addition to the support being offered by relationship managers

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