First gel bait to control both cockroaches and grey silverfish to be launched at PPC Live

    A new cockroach gel, which is the first product ever to boast control of grey silverfish on the label, will be unveiled at PPC Live in March.

    The multi-talented gel contains a new active ingredient, clothianidin, and remains active for up to 12 months, offering pest controllers a long-lasting solution.

    Tim Peeling, professional pest solutions product manager at Bayer, explains that Maxforce Platin® offers a unique tool for pest controllers to manage cockroach and silverfish infestations.

    It’s perfect for sensitive environments, such as kitchens, because it’s hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain any of the big 14 food allergens that cause 90 percent of allergies, such as milk, gluten, nuts and eggs,” explains Tim.

    Maxforce Platin® also contains patented taste enhancing BlueBead technology, creating a highly palatable bait formulation.

    The bait dries typically within hours and remains effective and palatable for up to 12 months, offering long lasting control,” says Tim.

    Because of mutations some cockroaches will no longer feed on glucose and other simple sugars, which is what traditional baits are based on. Maxforce Platin®, however, is based on complex carbohydrates and phyto-lipids, which prevents bait aversion,” explains Tim.

    The gel also causes a ‘domino effect’ where the effects of the product can be transferred to other cockroaches that eat the bodies or droppings of those that have previously fed on the gel.

    This means pest controllers are able to control the cockroaches that remain hidden within impossible to get to harbourages,” adds Tim.

    By investing in this new product, we are supporting pest controllers in reducing the harmful effects that cockroach and silverfish infestations can cause in residential and commercial environments where the general public live, work and play.”

    The Bayer Pest Solutions Team will be available at PPC Live on 11 March on stand 12 to discuss the product and overall pest management.

    For more information visit the Bayer website here.

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