Key principles of the new licensing regime for use of Glue Traps in England


    Licences will only be issued for exceptional circumstances, and where all alternative methods of rodent control are ineffective or impractical.
    Only professional pest controllers involved in rodent control management will be able to hold a licence for glue trapping. A professional pest controller is someone who provides a pest control service for a public authority or as part of a business. To demonstrate this, applicants will need to:
    *Other companies are welcome to develop training materials that focus specifically on the legal use of glue traps, which Natural England can consider as demonstration of an applicant’s knowledge and competency.

    There are 2 types of licence:

    1. Class licence –you register in advance to use this licence. This licence only covers very specific situations (see below), which are time-critical. Once you are registered, you do not need to inform the Licensing Authority before you act under this licence, but you must notify the Licensing Authority within 5 working days after you have used this licence, and at each site you use it. Every year you will be asked if you want to remain registered.

    The Class Licence will permit use of glue traps in the following situations only:
    2. Individual licences – you apply for a single-use licence at the time of need, to deal with a particular problem, at a particular site. The Licensing Authority will assess your application and issue a decision. You cannot use glue traps until you have received written confirmation from the Licensing Authority that your application has been approved and you have a copy of your licence.
    Individual licences will only be issued in exceptional circumstances where there is a high risk to public health & safety and where all alternative methods of rodent control are ineffective. Detailed evidence will be required of the alternative methods that have been tried. Exceptional circumstances are considered to be those with a large-scale risk to public health & safety. For example: sites accommodating large numbers of vulnerable people (care homes, hospitals), food manufacturing facilities with national distribution, laboratories where contamination risk has nationally significant impacts.
    NB – restaurants, take-aways, dwelling houses are not considered as exceptional circumstances.
    There is a cost associated with both types of licence:
    Class Licence: New User Registration £180
    Class Licence: Report of Action (at each site the licence is used) £230
    Class Licence: Registered User Annual Re-registration £121
    Individual Licence Additional charges (based on an hourly rate of £121) will be payable if further information from an applicant is needed to assess the licence application £535
    Licence requirements:
    [i] Critical infrastructure, for the purpose of licensing, critical infrastructure means sites that have a function of maintaining public health, safety or security at a regional or national level/scale. For example: national security, national power generation, data management sites that support i.e. nuclear power stations, 999 emergency control rooms, at airport or transport control centres.

    [ii] A Competent Person is a pest controller who the Licensee has authorised to remove traps on their behalf in the event of an emergency and is either registered to use the Class Licence or satisfies the criteria to hold a licence.

    [iii] Assistants must always be under the direct supervision of the licensed pest controller. An Assistant may not work alone or unsupervised by the licensed pest controller.

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