Killgerm Training has Online Success After Lockdown

    The new online Killgerm Training has proven to be a great success since its launch in April, coming soon after the UK was put into lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Killgerm Training, a successful arm of the Killgerm Group of companies, was one of many face-to-face training providers that was affected by the global pandemic. As an essential part of Killgerm offering a service which many pest controllers relied on, with traditional face-to-face courses selling out on a regular basis, Killgerm Training couldn’t just ‘sit tight’ and wait things out.

    Responding swiftly, in order to keep the essential and legally required service going, Killgerm Training created a brand-new online training website. The website launched with Killgerm Principles of Rodent Control and Killgerm Principles of Insect Control followed by addition of the Pest Control Refresher / Update course. The online courses follow the same syllabus of the face-to-face versions with recorded presentations featuring Dr Matthew Davies and other technical staff. The presentations feature voiceovers, slides containing notes, images, animations and video footage. also included in the online training are supporting materials available to download. The rodent and insect courses are linked to examinations administered independently by BASIS Registration Ltd, which makes the training even more worthwhile.

    Dr Matthew Davies, Head of Technical Department for Killgerm, says; ‘Killgerm has worked hard, throughout the pandemic, to find alternative ways to help our customers get through the tough times. This has included helping them continue with their training and gain CPD points, through extra channels, so they didn’t lose out. Pest control training is an essential part of a pest control career and we’re pleased to have been able to contribute to this. There has been a great uptake of the online training and pass rates match those of the face-to-face training. Furthermore, the contribution to continuing professional development has been impressive as CPD points are associated with the training.

    It has been an excellent training resource for our customers, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with new skills learnt by all. We built the online training, from a standing start, in a matter of weeks which is testament to the abilities of the trainers, admin staff and web team…all while working from home.

    We’re pleased to have done things a little differently too. The recorded presentations meant that delegates could dip in and out of their training to work around their jobs, any furlough periods, childcare and so on. We thought this to be especially important aspect – flexibility rather than the rigidity of logging in at a set time for a live stream. If you miss a bit, just watch it again and those wanting further explanation were able to phone up our technical department for advice. This aspect provided the interaction and personal touch. We even allocated our tutors to deliver the parts of the online training that are their personal areas of specialism and interest. Having multiple tutors deliver the course is a refreshing change, with their enthusiasm coming across, and keeps the interest of the viewer.’

    It’s impressive to note that Killgerm Training had more delegates take the online courses, specifically Principles of Rodent Control and Principles of Insect Control, from the April 2020 launch to the end of July versus the fixed-date face-to-face versions in the same period of 2019.

    For more information on Killgerm Training online, visit HERE.

    Face-to-face training still provides the best experience overall and we’re excited to begin this again from September onwards. Take a look at our face-to-face training – we can’t wait to see you again. We’re back, even though we never really went away. Please click HERE to visit our technical page.

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