Vecotech launches novel bed bug pheromone-based lure backed by scientific research

    Vecotech launches novel bed bug pheromone-based lure backed by scientific research

    Vecotech Ltd is pleased to announce the launch of BugScentsTM, a novel pheromone-based bed bug lure with unique patented technology, for use in detecting early-stage bed bug infestations.

    BugScentsTM uses a globally patented formulation designed to attract bed bugs by mimicking the natural aggregation pheromone, to improve the detection and monitoring of infestations.

    This technology has been developed to provide pest controllers with an effective and environmentally friendly solution for bed bug monitoring. The lure is versatile and compatible with a wide range of monitoring devices.

    The novel bed bug pheromone composition used in BugScentsTM has resulted from more than a decade of collaborative scientific research by world-leading experts in medical entomology and chemical ecology at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Rothamsted Research.

    Vecotech scientists have successfully taken on the task of translating this ground-breaking research into a technological application using the latest advancements in formulation, materials, and manufacturing technology.

    Vecotech is a technology-driven company and the first spin-out of LSHTM. It is uniquely placed to translate game-changing research into product innovation, driving both commercial and social impact to address the world’s biggest public health challenges.

    The launch of BugScentsTM has been led by Professor Elena Lurie-Luke, Vecotech CEO, who leveraged her extensive product development experience in the FMCG sector (Procter and Gamble) to drive the commercialisation of this bed bug lure technology.

    Professor Elena Lurie-Luke says: “To mitigate the impact of COVID-19, business optimisation is not enough – SMEs must find new ways to disrupt their business operations. Businesses need to do more than adapt and optimise, they need to innovate! This innovation is multidimensional, involving technological innovation and operational model innovation. The Vecotech team has embraced this challenge and, in collaboration with UK-based partners, brought a new product to the market”.

    The innovation programme behind the development of BugScentsTM was supported by the award of a prestigious and competitive Innovate UK grant.

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