Selontra wins Best Product in Pest magazine awards

    Selontra, the revolutionary new rodenticide bait from, BASF, has been awarded as the Best Product by Pest magazine.

    The prestigious awards recognise the products that enhance the working lives and practices of pest professionals. Eligible products must have been launched between January 2020 and August 2021 and are nominated by readers.

    Helen Ainsworth, BASF pest control specialist, said: “We’re thrilled that Selontra has received this award – it’s a fantastic accolade and great recognition from such a leading industry name. It is a pioneering product that we are immensely proud of and being nominated by readers and pest controllers makes the win even more special! In such a short space of time since launching, Selontra has already proven to be incredibly popular, with pest controllers across the country seeing first-hand just how effective it is.”

    The award bolsters BASF’s continued dedication to responsible pest management, working with pest control operators (PCOs) across the country to highlight the importance of effective and responsible pest management and providing them with the most appropriate solutions to complete the tasks at hand.

    An industry-leading rodenticide bait, Selontra offers a unique solution which takes control of infestations within as few as seven days, thanks to its high performance, highly palatable, and non-anticoagulant formulation.

    Selontra is neither persistent in the environment or bio-accumulative; while controlling resistant rodents and can also withstand extreme climates, providing pest controllers with an effective yet safe treatment.

    For more information about BASF and Selontra, click HERE.

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