Rodenticide Resistance Action Group appoints a new chairperson

    Dr Alan Buckle steps down, after more than ten years in the role, as chair of the Rodenticide Resistance Action Group (RRAG). Alan remains as a member of the group and will assist the new chair, Dr Matthew Davies, while responsibilities are handed over.

    Members of the group would like to thank Alan for his excellent leadership, and technical expertise, the culmination of which has been the timely publication of updated resistance guidance documents for house mice and Norway rats.

    Alan commented, “The RRAG has been an important responsibility for me over the years.  We have more anticoagulant resistance in the UK than anywhere else, so it is important to provide good advice to practitioners. I am proud of the big advances we have made in resistance mapping.  I would like to thank the members of RRAG for their help and support over the years and wish the new Chairman, Matthew Davies, all the best in his new role.”
    “The issue of anticoagulant resistance is absolutely not going away. It is extremely important, now more than ever, to follow resistance management strategies and achieve effective rodent control,” added Matthew.

    RRAG is an independent group consisting of representatives from universities, government agencies and all sectors of the pest control industry, with expertise in rodenticide resistance.  It was formed to provide information on resistance and resistance management strategies for professional pest control practitioners, regulatory authorities, local authorities and UK farmers and growers Updated resistance guidelines, for Norway rat and house mouse management, are available to download here:

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